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Bathroom plumbing supplies

Pipescenes top 5 tips for plumbing supplies

Here at Pipescenes we are passionate about plumbing supplies.


Working away in our Southampton bathroom showrooms over the years we have acquired some top tips and as always, we like to pass on our knowledge to our loyal customers.


It’s just our way of saying thanks.

So here are our top five tips for perfect plumbing repair. . .


1) Plenty of drainage


It’s important when getting started with plumbing repairs to make sure you drain the pipes.

Make sure for every foot a horizontal pipe travels, it drops 1/4″ to provide decent drainage.


2) Follow the rules


Plumbing codes must be followed and inspections must be passed. Good plumbing design is achieved through education and experience.The odd radiator or two is easy enough but when things get complicated, then well, there is a reason why the rules are important.


3) Look out for rust


If your water is brown or discoloured with a foul smell then that could be a sure sign.Either way, it doesn’t look right, don’t risk contamination from poor plumbing supplies.


4) Check the quality of your existing plumbing


If your pipes are made from lead or polybutylene, then that’s not good as they are old and they need to go.Lead piping used to be all the rage years ago but is now hazardous to health.PVC drain lines only last about 25-40 years. Copper pipes are better and last about 70-80 years.Brass and cast iron pipes are best and can last longer.Nearly over a century!


5) Always talk to the experts at Pipescenes


If you are unsure about your bathroom remember that good plumbing design is achieved through education and experience. A plumber or plumbing consultant should be able to guide you through your project with advice that covers the three main elements; incoming water, outgoing waste and ventilation.


Check out our spare parts department for further help http://pipescenes.co.uk/parts-or-spares/



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